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WHM Marketplace

Log in to your whm>> Server Configuration>>WHM Marketplace

WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM allows you to easily install and manage WordPress websites.

To install WordPress Toolkit, log in to WHM as user root.

Go to

1 WHM > WHM Marketplace

On the Next page, you have the option to install WordPress Toolkit.

Methood 2: Usuing command line

To install WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel server, login to SSH as user root, then run the following command.

1 curl | sh

After installation, you will be able to see WordPress Toolkit in CPanel.


You can enable/disable WordPress toolkit under Feature Manager in WHM.

1 WHM > Packages > Feature Manager


How to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit

This video will show how to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel Server.

Uninstall WordPress Toolkit

If you want to remove WordPress Toolkit, run

1 rpm -e wp-toolkit-cpanel

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