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Authentication (SPF and DKIM)

Log in to your cPanel>> Mail section >> SPF and DKIM

Configure SPF and DKIM in cPanel 

Log into cPanel, go to Email section and then Email Deliverability  menu.

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Select the email account you wish to manage and click “Manage.”


To enable DKIM for the account, click the “Generate Local DKIM Key” option.


To install a normal SPF record in the DNS Zone File, press the “Install the Suggested Record” button.

Customized SPF record 

The SPF record must be modified from time to time in order to function properly. If your domain uses a third-party calendar service to send appointment reminders on your behalf, the third-party must be added as an authorized sender to your SPF record.

  1. To add an allowed sender by A-record, click here.
  2. To add an allowed sender by MX-record, click here.
  3. To add an allowed sender by IPv4 address, click here.
  4. To add all allowed senders in the SPF record for another domain, click here.
  5. Checkbox to exclude all senders not listed in the fields above.
  6. Press the “Install a Customized SPF Record” button to save the settings and write the SPF-record to the DNS Zone File.