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List Subdomains

Log in to your whm>>account information>>List Subdomains

1) Go to Account Information.

img 15 06 44
2) First, we’ll check out List Parked Domains.
img 15 07 06
Here, you’ll find a table listing all main domains that have any parked domains, their usernames, and the parked domains themselves.
img 15 07 24
3) Click the UnPark link to remove a parked domain.
The parked domain has been removed from the server.
4) Now for the subdomain list.
This list is similar to the one for Parked Domains. Next to each domain, you can see a list of subdomains, as well as subdomains that are also addon domains.
img 15 08 42
This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to list all the parked domains and subdomains on your server in WHM.