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  1. Log in to your cPanel>>Indexes>>Advanced
  2. Navigate to ADVANCE Indexes.navigate to indexes
  3. Now, you can find the list of available directories. To edit the Indexes setting for the directory, click on “Edit“.click on edit option cpanel indexes
  4. Select the appropriate option from the below list,

Inherit: Select this mode to use the parent directory’s setting. If the index settings are not defined in the parent directory, the system will default.

No Indexing: No files will appear for this directory if a default file is missing.

Show Filename Only: This mode shows a simple list of the files present if the default file is missing.

Show Filename and Description: This model shows a list of files and their attributes: file size and file type.

unnamed file

  1. To save the configuration, click on “SAVE“.unnamed file 1
  2. After saving the configuration, you can see the change in the Index Type of directory. If you want to reverse the changes, you can click on the “Edit” option.
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