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Perl Modules

Log in to your cPanel>>Software>>Perl Modules

Step 1.You need to login to cPanel and navigate to “Perl Modules” The option can be listed under the tab “Software/Services”.

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perl software cpanel

Step 2.Now you will see an installer page of Perl Modules. Now you can check the module is installed or not. You can see the installed modules from “Show System Installed Modules”.

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Step 3.Now remember the name of the module that you need to install and click on “Show Available Perl Module(s)” and you can see a list of available Perl modules. Choose the module that needed to be installed and click on the “install” button.

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Step 4.You can see that the installation process on the window after the installation completed it will be shown in the list of installed modules.

The installation folder will be /home/USERNAME/perl directory. Here the username denotes your account name.

If you wish to run any particular script with the modules included, then you need to specify the path by adding the following lined above the script,

That is all.