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 log in to your WHM>> cPanel>> Customization

  1. In the search box at the upper left of the WHM screen, start typing cpanel, and then click Customization when it becomes visible:WHM - sidebar - cPanel customization
  2. In the Select a theme list box, confirm that the theme is set to Jupiter:

    WHM - cPanel Customization page - Logos tab

  3. Under Configure the selected theme, on the Logos tab, specify the logos you want to use, and then click Update Logos.
  4. On the Colors tab, specify the color for the main menu, and then click Update Colors.
  5. On the Favicon tab, specify the favicon image file to use, and then click Update Favicon.
  6. On the Links tab, specify the help and documentation URLs you want ot use, and then click Update Links.
  7. On the Public Contact tab, specify the public company name and contact URL, and then click Update Information.