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Statistics Software Configuration

Log in to your whm>> Server Configuration>> Statistics Software Configuration


This section displays the information about server’s statistics and statistic software.


We can see the specific user’s statistics by selecting the username from the dropdown menu and click ‘Go’ button. You can select ‘all’ option to show the summary of all users.


Process Statistics for User

This option allows us to manually process specific user’s statistics.


Statistics Software

The process runs in background and you can view the statistics from the user’s cPanel once the process finished.

Generators Configuration

This option allows you to select user’s statistical analysis software.


Statistics Software

configure the following statistics

Analog – Allows you to access data from the Analog statistics software.

AWStats – Displays the traffic statistics from AWStats software.

Webalizer – Displays the traffic statistics from Webalizer statistics program.

You can check the appropriate checkbox to configure Analog, AWStats, and Webalizer

Select the ‘Available to Users’ option to make the software available to all of your cPanel users who have the ability to change their web statistics software.
Select the ‘Active by Default’ option to make the software the default software for all of your cPanel users.
Select the ‘Allow Awstats configuration Include file’ file to customize users’ AWStats configurations.
Then click ‘Save’ button to update the configuration.

User Permissions

This section allows you to specify which users can modify their statistics software.

imagea6Statistics Software

If you want to allow specific users to modify their web generating software, then click the option ‘Choose Users’ and configure the user. You can select the option ‘Allow all users to change their web statistics generating software’ to allow all users to manage web statistics and click ‘Save’ button to update.


Statistics Software

Schedule Summary

This section displays the summary of the scheduled log and bandwidth statistics.


Statistics Software

Schedule Configuration

Here we can schedule log & bandwidth process frequency.


Statistics Software

Configure Statistic Process Time Schedule

This section allows you to configure the service to process stats at specific times. Select the hours in which your server will not perform log analysis and click ‘Save’ button to update.


Statistics Software