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Manage External Authentications

  • Log in to your whm>>security centre >Manage External Authentications

You could log in to the WHM using a web browser. You need to enter the IP address or hostname of the server followed by a colon and port number such as . If you need to access the WHM secured URL, you need to enter the below in the address bar of the web browser. . The difference here is the port number. Please note, you need to access the WHM, cPanel or Webmail accounts via SSL connection (Secured connection) to enable external authentication.

Once logged in, you need to go to WHM » Security center » Manage External Authentications.

External Authentication


2) Configuring and Enabling Authentication Method.

Now we are going to see how to add an authentication method for a cPanel service. This is explained below.

Click on the Configure tab. You could see a list of identity providers. You need to click on the button Configure in the row of the desired identity provider.

External Authentication2


You need to give appropriate configuration settings for the selected provider.

External Authentications


Now, you need to select the checkbox “To ensure that the system works correctly, confirm that you have used the above URLs when you configure the provider”. Click on “Save” button to save the changes.

External Authentication4


Unlinking an Account from External Authentication

This Credentials section lists cPanel services accounts and their external authentication credentials. You can follow the below steps to unlink an account from external authentication.

1) Click on “Manage Users” tab.

2) Click “Manage” in the appropriate row for that user and service.

3) Click on “Unlink” next to the account.

4) Click on “Unlink” to confirm.