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Tweak Settings

Log in to your whm>> Server Configuration>>Tweak Settings

Each category has a plethora of subtopics you can explore.  To find Tweak Settings, login to your WHM and head to Home => Server Configuration => Tweak Settings.

tweak setting
Common Tweaks for Performance

Turn off Mailman

Used for managing mailing lists, but if you don’t utilize mailing lists in Cpanel, disabling it would reduce CPU usage

Set email delivery times to retry every 120 seconds

The default is 60 seconds, again, to reduce CPU usage

Set Initial default/catch-all for Accounts Behavior to Fail

This is to mitigate CPU usage as well as received SPAM. If emails are sent to inboxes that don’t exist, this option will reject those messages

Off Turn Boxtrapper, Spam Trap, and SpamAssassin

Another setting to reduce CPU usage, though if having spam issues in your inbox could be later re-enabled.

Turn Off Analog Stats and Webalizer Stats

Statistic tracking on the server will add to CPU usage. Utilizing an outside service such as Google Analytics will give better tracking information without the server overhead.

Turn On Conserve Memory

This setting allows you to specify whether to conserve memory (RAM) at the expense of more CPU usage and disk I/O. For low memory systems (2-4GB), this would be recommended to be enabled. This setting defaults to Off.

Number of pigz Processes

This should be set to the number of CPU cores you have on the system. The default is set to 1.

All of these settings will help you to maximize your CPU usage and improve overall performance.

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, please contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.

The major categories in Tweak Settings are:

  • Compression
  • cPAddons Site Software
  • Development
  • Display
  • Domains
  • Logging
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • PHP
  • Redirection
  • SQL
  • Security
  • Software
  • Stats Programs
  • Stats and Logs
  • Status
  • Support
  • System