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Git Version Control

Log in to your cPanel>> File section >> Git Version Control

  • First, we have to log in to the cPanel server. There in the Flies section, Git Version Control is available. We have to click on it for the installation of the repository & further process.

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  • After clicking on it, it will open a new window. There created or installed repositories will be visible. As still we have not created any repositories nothing can display there.


  • Now on the right-hand side of the window, there will be a Create button for creating new repositories. We have to click on it.


  • For creating a repository, an easy process is to clone an existing repository. For cloning purposes, any repository can be used from GitHub. If needed this link can also be used there. We have to paste the link into the Clone URL section. Other details will be filled up by themselves. There is no need to change anything. Just click on the Create button below.


  • Depending upon the size of any repository which is going to clone, it may take a few times. We have to wait till the creation of the repository is done.F4
  • After waiting for a while, if the repository is installed completely, it will give a message in Green color. As the repository is installed in cPanel, Git is also installed successfully.

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