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Modify cPanel & WHM News

 log in to your WHM>> cPanel>> Modify cPanel & WHM News

1) Go to the cPanel section in the menu.
frame02 1

2) Then Modify cPanel/ WHM News.
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There are four boxes here that allow you to type up news to be used in cPanel & WHM. The text you enter will not be formatted in any way, so you need to use HTML to do that; you must use <br /> in order to put line breaks in your text.
frame04 1

The first textarea is for Global cPanel News. This will be displayed in all cPanel accounts, including your resellers’ customers.

4) Enter some text to display.
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Next is Global WHM News. All resellers on this system will see what you enter here when they access WHM.
frame06 1

5) Scroll down.

Resold Customer News will be displayed only to your resellers’ customers.
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cPanel News will be displayed to all your customers only, not resellers’ customers.
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6) Click Save News when finished here.

That’s it! Your news has been saved.
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