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Calendar Delegation

Log in to your cPanel>> Mail section >>  Email calendar delegation

You can delegate access to a user’s calendar to another user by visiting our Calendar feature found at the cPanel’s interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Calendar Delegation).

This is useful for administrators and you can use that to:

  • create an account for a resource (for example, a conference room) and allow others to reserve it.
  • allow a manager to view their subordinates’ calendars.
  • allow an assistant to manage a manager’s calendar for them.

How to Set Up Calendars and Contacts in cPanel

Information you might need:

Server —
User Name — example or
Password — some_great_password e.g. m@]n%3pi8F=r8p5xJP}+
Description — My Calendars

To set up calendar and contact applications on iOS phones,

Tap Settings.

Tap Passwords & Accounts.

Under ACCOUNTS, tap Add Account.

Tap Other.

Now, perform either of the following actions:

  • Under CONTACTS, tap Add CardDav Account to add a calendar account.
  • Under CALENDARS, tap Add CalDav Account to add a contacts account.

To complete the setup of your account, enter your information in the appropriate text boxes.

Note that you must add port 2080 at the end of the server’s hostname for the setup to work correctly.

For example,

To set up calendar and contact applications in macOS® Catalina, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave:

Click Launchpad, and then click System Preferences.

Click Internet Accounts.

Or use a combination of the command + tab keys, then type in “Internet Accounts“.

Click Add Other Account.

Click CalDAV Account to add a calendar account, or CardDAV Account to add a contacts account.

Click Create.

To complete the setup of your account, enter your information in the appropriate text boxes.

For calendar accounts (CalDAV), you must select Automatic from the Account Type menu.

If you use other calendars or contacts applications that support these protocols, you might be able to access your calendars and contacts from those applications.

Your application must support the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols though steps will definitely vary between applications.

Enter the following information:

  • Username — Your cPanel account user or webmail user.
  • cPanel account user — example
  • Webmail user —
  • Server — The full URL to the user’s calendar or contacts.
  • Autodiscovery —
  • Non-Autodiscovery cPanel account user — example =
  • Non-Autodiscovery webmail user —

If your application does not support Autodiscovery, use the non-autodiscovery URL.

  • Password — The cPanel account or webmail user’s password.

Do remember that you can access this information in cPanel’s Calendars and Contacts interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Calendars and Contacts).