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  1. Log in toWHM >>SQL Services >>phpMyAdmin

1) To access phpMyAdmin from WHM, find the SQL Services section of the menu.
frame02 1

2) Click phpMyAdmin.
frame03 1

As you can see, all databases on the system are available in the list at left.
frame04 1

One privilege that you have in the root phpMyAdmin that isn’t available when accessing it from a cPanel account is the ability to add new databases. cPanel users must do so from cPanel, not phpMyAdmin.

3) Add a new database using the form here.
frame05 1

4) Click Create.

The new database has been created.
frame06 1

You may have noticed that we named the database demo_testdb. The part before the underscore happens to represent a cPanel username on this system. Thus, the demo account will be able to access this database, as you’ll see in a moment.

So, all you have to do to give a cPanel user access to a new database is ensure that it is named correctly.

Let’s create a new table and see if we can access it as the cPanel user.

5) Fill out the form for a field in the table.
frame07 1

6) Click Save.

Okay… the table has been created. Let’s switch to the user’s cPanel account and access phpMyAdmin from there. Note that you must log in using the user’s password; you cannot use the transfer feature in WHM.

Here is the database we created.
frame16 1

The table shows up, so we do actually have access to the database.

And here’s the field we created…. Everything checks out!
frame17 1