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Update Preferences

Log in to your whm>> Server Configuration>>Update Preferences

After logging into the WHM, please go to Home » Server Configurations » Update Preferences. This is where you can configure the cPanel update options.

update preferrrence

Select Release Tier

Now, you will be redirected to the update preferences page and there you could see many options. The first feature is to select the release Tier. You can see different release tiers of the WHM. You can select the required one. Description about a tier will be provided at the right side end.

The available tiers can be listed as follows.





5) LTS

The recommended option is “RELEASE

update preferrence Update Interval

Next option will allow you to set how often the cPanel should be updated. You can see available options listed there. I am listing those here for reader’s convenience.

1) Automatic

2) Manual Updates Only

3) Never Update

Automatic: You can select this option if you want the WHM to update automatically. This will be done at midnight, daily.

Manual: If this option is selected, you will need to update the WHM manually. You can update the cPanel installation from WHM Home » cPanel » Upgrade to Latest Version.

From the command line, you could upgrade the cPanel installation using the below script.

# /scripts/upcp

Never: If the never option is selected, cPanel/WHM will not be updating.

Select Staging Directory

You can select the staging directory from the same window. You could refer the below screenshot for clarification in this.

update preferrence

OS Package Updates and Apache Spam Assassin Rules Updates

You could also update OS Packages and Apache Spam Assassin Rules Updates. This also provides us the below options.

1) Automatic

2) Manual Updates Only

3) Never Update

Once the changes are done, you need to click on the “Save” button to save the changes made. A screenshot is added for reference.

update prefference

This is how we can set the update preferences from the WHM.