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Configure PostgreSQL

Log in toWHM >>SQL Services >>Configure PostgreSQL

Steps For Installing & Configuring PostgreSQL

  • Run – /scripts/installpostgreSQL command.

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  • Go to ‘Configure PostgreSQL Interface’ (Home >> SQL Services >> Configure PostgreSQL).

sql services

  • For installing PostgreSQL, click on ‘Install Config’.

install config

  • For adding current cPanel users to PostgreSQL, click on ‘Create Users’.

create users

  • Enter the password in the ‘Enter New Password’ section, re-enter it in the ‘Confirm Password’ section.

enter password

  • When you have entered the password, click on ‘Change Password’.

change password

To Restart PostgreSQL

  • Click on ‘SQL Server (PgSQL)’ under ‘Restart Services’.

restart postgresql

Execute this command for editing the PostgreSQL Confirmation file:

  • vim /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf file.

Benefits Of PostgreSQL

  • It is open-source and standard compliant RDBMS
  • Backed with a powerful community
  • Provides third-party support
  • Stored procedures
  • Extensible
  • Object-oriented

Disadvantages Of PostgreSQL

  • Struggles with big read-heavy operations against a database
  • Less popular
  • Low open-source documentation and collaboration
  • Uses a different SQL syntax as compared to the traditional MySQL/Microsoft SQL solutions

You can contact our support team if you need any more information.