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Add a New IP Address

log in to your WHM>>IP Functions>>Add a New IPAddress

1) To do that, go to Account Functions.

1 42) Click Change Site’s IP Address.

2 33) Select an account using the domains and users in the list, or search for an account below.

3 24) Click Change.4 3As you can see, this account’s current address is the server’s main shared IP.

44 25) Let’s give it a new address. Choose an IP address from the list.

5 2Take note of the warning. Changing a site’s IP address may cause it to appear down from some locations until the change has propogated across the entire Internet.

55 2
6) To finish, click Change.

It may take a moment for the IP address to be changed.

Success! The account’s IP address has been changed.

You can also change a site’s IP address from the List Accounts page.

6 2
7) Hover over the account’s row.

An edit button will appear underneath the IP address, allowing you to access the same form we just used.

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