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NGINX® Manager

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NGNIX is an open-source software for web serving, caching, load balancing, reverse proxy and more. It first started out as a web server for top-notch performance and stability.

With the WHM’s NGINX Manager you can install, uninstall and manage your NGNIX with the reverse proxy and caching server. You can even manage the caching on your server with this interface.

In this guide, we will understand the steps to clear NGINX cache for users from WHM.

Install NGINX Manager:

Note: You should have the root access for WHM to work with the Nginx cache option.

  • The first step is, you need to install NGINX Manager on your WHM server.
  • To do so, go to login to your WHM account, here WHM interface will appear.
  • On the right-hand side of the pane, in the Search Tools and Accounts, search for NGINX Manager.
  • Click on Install, and then you will get this window after the installation process is complete.
Install NGINX Manager
  • Now, Go to NGINX Manager.

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Here, you will get to see the System Settings and User Settings.

  • To clear cache of a particular user, select the checkbox you wish to clear and then, click on Clear Cache.
Clear NGINX Cache

In the System Settings, you have the option to Clear Cache for All Users. You can clear the cache for multiple users. To do so, select the usernames you want to clear or select the checkbox above the table to select all the visible users. Then, click on the Clear NGINX Cache.

Clear Cache for All Users

Also, in cPanel, you have the option to Activate and Clear Nginx Cache as shown in image given below:


nginx cache through cpanel 1

That’s it!