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Directory Privacy

Log in to your cPanel>> FILE section >> Directory Privacy

  • Navigate to the “File Manager” tool under the “Files” section.cPanel > Files > Directory PrivacyX1
  • Choose the directory you want to protect by clicking on it.
  • Click Edit.X11 1
  • Under Security Settings, select the Password to protect this directory check box.
  • In the Enter a name for the protected directory text box, type a name for the protected directory.
  • Click Save
    X12 1
  • Once you receive a confirmation message, click the Go Back URL.
  • Under Create User, type a username in the Username text box.
  • In the New Password text box, type the user’s password.
  • In the Confirm Password text box, retype the user’s password.
  • Click the “Save” button to activate the password protection for the directory.X13 1

Once you have completed these steps, the directory will be password-protected, and only users with the correct credentials can access its contents. It’s important to note that this feature is not a substitute for proper web application security practices.