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Analog Stats

Step 1. Log in to your cPanel>>Metrics section >> FTP

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Now go to the Metrics section and click on the Analog Stats icon. The screenshots are provided for reference.

Analog Stats

Step 2. on would be redirected to the next screen and you can see the list of domains associated with the particular cPanel account along with a short description of Analog Stats.

You can view the details by clicking on the “View” button on the right end of the domain. It is shown in the below screenshot.

Analog Stats


Step 3. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the visitor’s statistics is stored in the format of months. You can see the list of months for which the stats are available in the next page. The year also will be displayed and each entry in the list will be a link. you can view the stats of a month by clicking on the month, as shown in the below screenshot.

Analog Stats


Step 4. Now you would be lead to the final page where the analog stats are shown. In the page, you could see General Summary as well as the Monthly Report. The General Summary will show the requests received, an average number of requests answered per day, requested pages, missed requests, etc. and you could see graphical representation under Monthly Report. A sample Analog Stats is shown in the below screenshot.



This is how you can view the Analog Stats from the cPanel interface.