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Email Routing

To Configure Email Routing

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click on Email Routing in the EMAIL section.


The Email Routing application will open.

  • Select a Domain from the dropdown list to route its incoming mail to another server.
  • Select the configuration for email routing:
    • Automatically Detect Configuration : Local– It is a recommended configuration setting for email routing. It considers the priority of your MX Records and automatically selects a configuration among LocalBackup, or Remote mail Exchanger.
    • Local Mail Exchanger – This option will allow the system to accept all emails without any preference and deliver the mail to the local mailbox.
    • Backup Mail Exchanger– If the primary mail exchanger with a proper MX entry is down, this option will allow the server to act as a backup exchanger. It can then hold all the incoming mail until the primary mail exchanger comes back online.
    • Remote Mail Exchanger– No mail from this domain will route to the server, i.e., the server will not accept mail for this domain. Instead, it will send all of this domain’s mail to the lowest-numbered mail exchanger.
  • Click the Change

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This setting needs to be accurate as it will affect the email activity of an entire domain.