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Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation

Log in to your whm>> Reseller >> Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation

Step 1: Login to whm panel.

login web host manager
Step 2: Search as reseller and select Manage Resellers IP Delegation in the search results.
select manage resellers ip delegation
Step 3: Click on a reseller address to dedicate an IP address and click Submit.
manage resellers ip delegation step1
Step 4: In the resulting page, select the required option, you can either choose Open Delegation or Restricted Delegation as per your requirements and click Save.
Open Delegation
This option allows reseller to dedicate any IP address to the owned account
Restricted Delegation

manage resellers ip delegation step2
This will dedicate one of the checked IP address to the owned account.
Manage Resellers Ip Delegation Step2