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Configure Application Locales

Log in to your whm>> locales >> Configure Application Locales
1) Log into your WHM.
2) Select the option “Locales”.
Edit locales1 768x294 1
3) Choose the option “Edit a Locale” under Locales section.
Edit locales2 768x161 1
4) Select a theme from the “Theme” menu.
Edit locales3 768x238 1
5) Click the “Go” button.  It will display a new interface.
6) Click on the “Edit” button under the phrase which you want to edit.
Edit locales4 768x420 1
How to Edit Locales in cPanel & WHM?
7) Click on “Save Changes” button to save your changes or click the “Cancel” option to cancel the changes.
Edit locales5

Non-Standard Locale Configuration

If you want to configure the data for a non-standard locale, you can use this tool to perform the same. Here, the system automatically adds the prefix i_ to the names of these locales because these tagged names are the standard ways to create, identify, and work with non-standard locales. Please follow the below steps, if you want to configure the data for a non-standard locale:
1) Choose a locale from the drop-down box of the “Locale” menu and click on to the “Go” Button.
Edit locales6 768x335 1
2) You should enter a display name in the “Display Name” text box.
3) You can choose the fallback locale, number formatting, and character orientation from the corresponding menus.
Edit locales7
4) Click the “Save” button to update the changes.
Please note that after using this edit a locale interface, you must run the following script from the command line.
If you do not run this script, your changes will not appear in the cPanel interface until the next time that the upcp script runs.