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Nameserver Selection

login to >>whm >>Service configuration >>Nameserver Selection

Nameserver Selection

In the left navigation menu, click “Basic WebHost Manager® Setup.”

Nameserver Selection

  • Select “Explicitly Set the Nameservers.”
  • Enter the custom nameservers for your domain.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button.Nameserver Selection

All newly added domains, or accounts, will now default to the new nameservers you’ve just set.Updating Existing Domains

It’s important to remember that making these changes only affects future domains setups. Pre-existing domains will retain the nameservers they were given when they were created.

To modify existing domains, use the DNS Zone Manager in WHM to open the DNS Zone for that domain and modify the SOA & NS records to reflect the new nameservers.  Mismatched SOA & NS records may cause DNS resolution errors.