Unlimited Subdomains

If you are planning to host a large website, you need to divide the content of your site into sub-domains so you will be able to easily organize your web contents by easy to access categories. For example, if you are running a blog site in connection with your primary website, you can organize all your blog entries by creating subdomains depending on the categories you want to have. For example, if your primary website is about cat food and supplies and you want to create a blog site all about this niche, you can create subdomains for each entry like Cat Grooming, Hygiene Products, Food and Supplies, and a whole lot more.

The good thing about having unlimited subdomains is that you will be able to easily group all your entries and it does not matter how many subdomains you create. Other web hosting companies may limit subdomain creations to ten or mostly twenty and this will restrict your grouping capacity. If you are not able to create subdomains as much as you like, you will lose the ability to organize your web contents.

One of the most commonly enjoyed hosting feature offered by BlueHost is subdomain creation which allows website owners to conveniently modify and or update their web contents according to their preference even if they do not have the technical knowledge required in web development. By using the subdomain tool, website owners can easily alter and modify the physical look of their website by directly modifying the templates without actually touching the web content. This will allow the website to be fully operational even if it is undergoing a regular maintenance.

How To Create Subdomains With Hostrs

Creating subdomains with Hostrs has become a lot easier thanks to its intuitive control panel. Here’s how.

  1. The first step is to log in to your Hostrs cPanel account by clicking the login button at the top right corner of Hostrs’s homepage.
  2. Once you are in, enter your domain name as well as your corresponding password and wait for the cPanel to load so you can start modifying your setting.
  3. Click on the Subdomains button within the section marked Domains right on the cPanel front page.
  4. Choose a name for your subdomain that clearly represents the contents or entries you are planning to create. Once you are done, the name of your subdomain will appear right before your primary domain name in the URL. For example, if you are creating a subdomain named “Cat Grooming”, the sub directory URL will appear as http://catgrooming.yourprimarydomain.com.
  5. If you are done with the fourth step, you can now enter your chosen name for your subdomain in the Sub-Domain input box. If you are hosting more than one domain with Hostrs, choose the precise domain name by using the drop down bar next to the input box of subdomain.
  6. Click on the “create button” so you can customize your newly created subdomain. Once done, all you need to do is wait for Hostrs to complete the processing of your new subdomain address. Hostrs will give a confirmation message once the processing is finished.
  7. Test your new subdomain. Type the complete sub directory address in your browser and if the subdomain has been successfully created, a temporary place holding page from Hostrs will appear on your screen.
  8. You can add contents to your new subdomains by selecting the File Manager in the Files section of your control panel homepage. Select the directory name that corresponds to the name of your newly created subdomain so you can open its directory. You can now upload all contents into this directory and complete the necessary customization according to your preferences.

With Hostrs’s unlimited subdomains, organizing your website has become a whole lot easier and less complicated.