Backup Restores

Backing up your content is very important.Your sites Backup help to protect your content in the case of unforeseen catastrophes and provide known good instances of your sites and data that you may revert to. While our system maintains regular internal backups of all customer data for emergency recovery purposes, these are overwritten on a rotating basis. Therefore, it is best not to rely on these backups for your individual backup needs. So, depending on the situation and timing of your need for a backup, these internal disaster recovery backups may not be a solution for you. This is where self-managed backups are important. Plesk itself has it’s own backup tool that you may use to manage your own backups to meet your specific needs

Free instant backup restores for Linux dedicated solution

The power of our control panel  backup solution , we are pleased to announce free and instant backups restores for all Linux dedicated solution customers.

This beta functionality allows you to view all restore points and seeds for your server (the last full backup) then simply select what you’d like to restore and to where. There may be a 1 to 15 minute wait depending on what time of day it is.

Please contact support if you’d like to enable this option in your control panel.