The Private DNS (Name Servers) allows you to brand your hosting services and differentiates you as an independent hosting provider. With it you can point all your accounts to your name. It is available for resellers, shared, cloud hosting/VDS and dedicated server users

Custom Error Pages

Visitors to your web site see an error page whenever an error occurs. For example, if users enter an incorrect URL or are not authorized to access specific directories, they see an error page. Companies often customize error pages by branding them with a corporate image and a link to their home page.


phpMyAdmin is a third-party tool included with cPanel, used for manipulating MySQL databases over the Internet. You can use phpMyAdmin to add and drop databases, create, alter, and delete tables, add, edit, and delete fields, execute SQL statements, and manage keys and permissions

HotLink Protection

The HotLink Protection tool allows you to prevent other websites from directly linking to files on your website. This means that when another website is visited, it cannot load pictures from your pages - this is one of the ways for limiting the outbound traffic for your account.


Softaculous is probably the best 3rd party auto installer add-on which can be purchased and added to cPanel. Softaculous offers more than 230 applications/scripts and it allows you to install them really fast.

Latest Plesk

Plesk Panel allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface. The administrator can create client and site templates, which predetermine resource-allocation parameters for the domains and/or clients.

Auto Responders

The Auto Responder functionality allows for cPanel to send a pre-made response to e-mails that are received by a given e-mail account. This is extremely useful for when someone is away from their e-mail for an extended period of time and they want to convey that to other users.

Google Apps Ready

Google Apps is a service from Google that provides independently customizable versions of several Google products using a domain name provided by the customer. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Groups, News, Play, Sites, Talk etc.

IMAP Support

Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP, refers to the way e-mail is handled online. If you have a central mailbox many people need to access, or you need to be free to check email from multiple locations.

POP3 Support

With our unique handmade POP3 hosting solution you can use the Post Office Protocol version 3 protocol (POP3) to receive emails from remote server to a local email client, download them locally and read them on your computer. You will be able to create and manage unlimited number of personalized email accounts based on your domain

Instant Backups

Create the Instant Backup though the CPanel and it will not take the more time in completion and you can save it into the home directory(locally) or another cpanel account or another server.

Free Setup

You can move to us from any other service provider. We will help you ensure that all your sites are migrated smoothly, without any extra cost.

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Hostrs provides shared/reseller hosting customers with unlimited FTP accounts. You can create FTP accounts through the control panel we provide you (cPanel). As such, you can give your customers as many FTP accounts as you wish. You can set the limit in your reseller hosting control panel (WHM - Webhost Manager).

Unlimited Sub Domains

If you want to be able to organize your website using Subdomains, you can count on our unique handmade hosting solution. Each Subdomains will open separate "index" page, and your Subdomains are kept in separate sub-folders on your website.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred through a particular cable that is connected to internet service provider.
The greater the capacity, the more likely that greater performance will follow, though overall performance

Latest cPanel

cPanel is a web based control panel tool which will help you manage your web hosting account through a web interface instead of a console. With cPanel you are able to accomplish your tasks faster and even non-professionals can easily set their websites via cPanel. cPanel offers a rich set of features, ranging from adding an email address to managing sub-domain names.