Choosing the ideal host for your blog

Web hosting has today become a commodity business where you can search for and choose the lowest price available. However just as you don't decide on what to eat based on the cheapest food in the street, hosting your site should also involve more than just cost. It is easy for new players to enter the market by offering nothing more than undercutting the prices. However like any other business, it takes commitment, hard work and perseverance to sustain and survive. Here are a few important points to consider while deciding your web host: Server security When you first host your blog, it is common to underestimate the threat of your websites getting hacked or otherwise compromised. "My site is new and not significant yet, why would anybody want to harm me?", did you say? Well the hackers are looking to use your resources for spamming, learning to penetrate websites, competing with the peer group etc. So your website is a target from day 1. Wordpress is the no.1 target of hackers these days. You need a host which understands the security threats and takes proactive measures to minimize such threats. Of course, if your passwords are too weak or you use outdated or cracked plugins which pose a security threat the hosting service provider can't do much, but the hosting service provider can and should do everything possible to minimize the threat of attacks. Customer Support The backbone of any business is the support it offers to its customers. The difference between an irritated customer and a happy customer is a knowledgeable, patient staff member who really wants to solve the customer's problems, rather than getting through the day. What is Unlimited? A lot of hosts these days advertise "Unlimited" hosting without even meaning it. What is unlimited? Can you take unlimited backups of all your computers, since your disk space is "Unlimited"? No. All these hosts then place several restrictions which are easy to trigger. So don't get swayed away by the claims of "Unlimited" hosting. Nothing is unlimited - its technically not possible. Unlimited only means "No restrictions imposed" but practically, a server can only provide as many resources as it has. Hard disk space is limited, no matter what anybody may advertise. photo credit: infocux Technologies